How to Reach Miss Dinh

Office Hours

Garden Grove High School
Room 222
Conference Period 6 (1:47-2:43pm)

By Appointment

I am always more than happy to meet with you at any time regarding anything. However, it is always best to let me know in advance and to schedule a meeting time so I know to expect you. See me or message me to schedule a meeting.


You can always take your chances and pop in before school, during lunch, or after school. I am typically in my room 20 minutes before and after school, and during most lunches, but not always. Walk-ins are perfect for 2-3 minute conferences.


I try my best to respond to all emails as promptly as possible. Please expect 1-2 days before receiving a response. Thank you for your patience. You may use the below contact form to send an email and attach assignment submissions.

Contact Form


I am using Remind for important updates. It’s free and safe to use, and you can get messages by text, app, or email. You can use Remind to start a two-way conversation with me as well. Click here to join my class or view this PDF for more detailed instructions.