Day One Rules

My Ideal Classroom

  1. Students are always prepared with materials.
  2. Students respect the classroom, teacher, and each other.
  3. 100% of students participate in class discussions.
  4. Students recognize the safe learning environment, and feel comfortable sharing their passions and opinions.
  5. Assignments are turned in on time. If not, students understand they are accountable for their own work.
  6. The teacher learns from the students throughout the year.

Classroom Expectations

  1. Always come to class with your text, notebook, a pen or pencil, and paper.
  2. Be seated in your assigned desk when the bell rings. Otherwise, I will mark you tardy.
  3. You may not use the restroom during the first and last 10 minutes of class.
  4. Be respectful. Follow school rules. Treat classroom materials with care and clean up after yourself. Be courteous to all adults and your peers.
  5. Only have necessary resources out. I will take away all distracting items, e.g. assignments for other classes, toys, earbuds, phones, etc.
  6. Use electronic devices appropriately. Otherwise, you will lose your privilege to use them, and/or I will take them. If you are unsure what is considered appropriate use, ask me.
  7. Only healthy snacks and beverages are allowed. I will throw away any other food.

For more information regarding course expectations, please refer to the syllabus.