English 2P

Course Information


English 2P is a year-long, 10th grade English course that students are required to be enrolled in. Placement is determined by multiple measures including, but not limited to, district benchmarks and the District Writing Assessment. Please come talk to me if you feel like you should be placed in English 2 Honors. We can review your grades, assessment scores, writing portfolio, and work habits; and have a conversation with your counselor, parents, and/or previous English teacher(s) to make the best decision.


I encourage all students to pass this course with a C or better to earn credits toward the B requirement in the A-G requirements, which are required by the California State Universities and Universities of California. Even if you do not think that you will attend a four-year university now, it does not hurt to keep your options open come senior year. A lot can change in the next three years, so you should be prepared and have the most opportunities waiting for you at the end. As your teacher, I just want to see you do your best and for you to be ready for anything.

If you receive at least a D-, you will earn credits towards high school graduation. Any failed semester must be repeated as soon as possible following the failure. Talk to your counselor as soon as possible about what your best option is for making up this course. You may be required to complete a credit recovery, online, or summer school course.

Course Description

English 2P integrates all of the English Language Arts domains: reading, writing, listening and speaking, and language using the state-approved, board-adopted textbook, HMH Collections. The goal is for students to improve their reading, writing, critical thinking, and 21st century skills. As the teacher, I will strategically differentiate instructional strategies and tools to meet the needs of all students.

  1. Students read complex texts, both literary and informational, while exploring Essential Questions, and analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating Universal Concepts.
  2. Students use the writing process to generate narrative, informative/explanatory, and argumentative text types in order to enhance their writing fluency and effectiveness.
  3. Students consistently engage in a variety of research-based reading, writing, and language strategies to reinforce their critical thinking skills and meet the rigorous demands of the state standards.
  4. Additionally, students’ technological and collaborative skills are fostered through digital and online opportunities.

Curriculum Overview

The HMH Collections textbook divides the curriculum into six “Collections” with three being covered each semester.

Collection 1: “Ourselves and Others”

Collection 2: “The Natural World”

Collection 3: “Responses to Change”

Collection 4: “How We See Things”

Collection 5: “Absolute Power”

Collection 6: “Hard-Won Liberty”

For more course information, explore the other English 2P links, including the syllabus and the quarterly calendars.

Source: GGUSD Secondary Course Catalog 2017-2018.