Tech in the Classroom

Holt McDougal Online

The HMH Collections textbook has a digital component that can be accessed at From your Student Dashboard, you can access online resources and assignments, including the eBook.

You are expected to have access to your HMH Collections eBook every day. We will use both the print and digital versions in class. It is up to you what you prefer to use at home. Click here for help on logging into your account.


G Suite for Education

You are expected to have access to your G Suite for Education account every day; our domain is If you have never received your account access information, go to the Guidance Office for help. If you know your username, but have forgotten your password, let me know and I will have your password reset.

You need your Google log-in to access Chromebooks when our class has a cart checked out; Classroom, where you will digitally submit assignments and check for announcements; Gmail, which you will use to communicate with me; and Drive, where you will store and organize all of your files. You will use Docs and Slides to complete assignments and collaborate with your peers. I highly advise that you download these apps onto your personal devices so that you are always up to date and can access your work at any time, from any where.

Click here for Google Classroom access codes by period. Click here for help on how to join a class.

Add the class toolbox to your Drive. Click here to open the folder, then click Add to My Drive  to place all of our class resources into your Drive for easy access.

Your Google log-in is also helpful for quick and easy log-in to other online resources.



You are expected to check your grades regularly on Aeries which can be accessed at If you have never received your access code to create a new Aeries Student/Parent Portal account, go to the Guidance Office for help.

If you notice a discrepancy, let me know right away! Do not wait until it is too late.

I highly advise that you download the ‘Grades for Parents and Students’ app onto your mobile device. ‘Grades’ allows an Aeries user to check and calculate grades. Click to download on the App Store or Google Play.



I am using Remind for important updates because it does not share either party’s phone numbers, making it free and safe to use. For example, I will send reminders about assignments, assessments, changes in due dates; make announcements about class or school events; share successes and words of encouragement. You can use Remind to start a two-way conversation with me as well. You can get messages by text, app, or email.  Click here to join my class or view this PDF for more detailed instructions. I highly advise that you download the mobile app.