Technology Policy

Cellphones in Class

I understand that many students have technology that can enhance their educational experiences, so I embrace respectful and responsible use of smart phones and other personal devices in my classroom. However, it is still a privilege to use your cellphones in my class. You are here to learn, so any disruptive or distracting cellphone use will result in your privilege being limited or revoked.

  1. Use them for educational purposes e.g. accessing your digital textbook, looking up a definition, checking the class calendar, etc.
  2. Turn your device to silent when class is in session.
  3. Limit impromptu use to 30 seconds or less. Unless I explicitly state that you may use your cellphones, limit checking your notifications to 30 seconds or less. Avoid excessive texting and social media use. Maintain active class participation.
  4. Use them in plain sight on top of the tables. You are not really hiding anything. I see everything.
  5. Do not ask me for the Wi-Fi password. Even I can’t connect my cellphone to the school’s Wi-Fi.

I am not responsible for any lost or stolen personal device, and neither is the school. If you decide to bring your personal device to school, it is solely your responsibility. Keep an eye on your own belongings and watch out for each other.

Chromebook Use

Currently, we share our Chromebook cart with other classes, so we must be extra considerate of how we handle and return the Chromebooks.

  1. Gently unplug a device and leave the charging cord in its assigned slot. Do not pull the cord out too far or else it create a confusing mess for others.
  2. Inspect the casing, screen, and keyboard, and report issues to the teacher immediately. Anything reported after the beginning of the class will be your responsibility.
  3. Ask three before you ask me. Utilize your peers’ expertise to help troubleshoot before asking the teacher. There is only one of me!
  4. Absolutely no food or drinks on your desk. (No, not even water.)
  5. Keep all four corners of the bottom of the device on your desk.
  6. When walking with the device, you must have both hands on the device at all times.
  7. Return the device to its assigned slot, with the charging port facing the front.
  8. Connect the device with the correct charger. Check the stickers on both the device and the charger. You can also look in the back of the slot to make sure that you are using the correct charger.
  9. We are all responsible to make sure all devices are returned and charged correctly. Nobody leaves class until all the devices are correctly plugged in.

Email Etiquette

Use your student Gmail account ending in to send me a message. An email to your teacher is not the same as a text to your friend. Please use appropriate language, including proper capitalization and spelling, and proofread your message before you click send.

  1. Include a specific (and eye-catching) subject line
  2. Include a greeting
  3. Identify yourself (full name and period)
  4. Ask a specific question or share a specific concern
    • Include important details like dates and assignment names
    • It is always a good idea to check Aeries before you email me
    • Do not copy and paste an assignment into the message body
    • Share or attach documents and files instead
  5. Close with ‘Thank you’ or another appropriate salutation
  6. Read your email out loud to catch any errors or awkward wording
  7. Correct any errors in capitalization, spelling, grammar, etc.
  8. Send (you can always check your Sent box to make sure)